Sprint Into Spring

Sprint Into Spring is back for a 5th fabulous year!  Six amazing races, two brand new maps, and a selection of the best campus maps in the country. Check below for details and locations.  All your favourite features return  including the Jersey competition, SportIdent electronic timing, Live results, and our three high quality courses.

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Interscholastic Challenge Results

  • Winning Primary School – Montmorency South PS
  • Winning Secondary School – Kew High School
  • Winning University and Overall Winner – University of Melbourne

SIS Schools challenge results

Victorian Sprint Championships, Monash University, Sunday 26 November

It’s been a decade since we last sprinted at this campus – and it’s certainly changed!  There are far more buildings, paths, courtyards, angles, nooks and crannies.  DROC’s Peter Dalwood did a complete remap, and set challenging courses that produced our newest Victorian Sprint Champions!  Congratulations to everyone involved for a great day and a fitting finale to Sprint Into Spring.

Results     Splits     Photos

Maps and Courses

See you next March at the Melbourne Sprint Weekend!

Race 6 – Latrobe University, Saturday 25 November

Wow – that was different!  How did you approach Mikkel’s magical mystery multilevel tour of Latrobe?  Most people emerged unscathed and will live to compete another day …

The Jersey Points have been calculated, but we’re keeping the results under wraps until the presentations at Monash. Stay tuned!

Results     Splits     Photos     Race Wrap   Final Jersey Points

Don’t forget to order your limited edition Blue Jersey! Last orders taken at the Sprint Champs – see Debbie or Margi.

Race 5 – Royal Park, Saturday 18 November

Who knew we could hold a bush sprint in the heart of the city!  Compliments to Fredrik for his detailed mapping of the vegetation, which provided a surprising amount of route choice.  The hill climb was certainly just that, with an almost vertical slope. And it seems a few people were a little too relaxed in their approach to early controls, proving once again that you can never get complacent when it comes to sprints.  Peter and Will’s post-race training activities gave everyone a chance to brush up on compass and feature recognition skills.

Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap’n’Map   Jersey Points

Race 4 – RMIT Bundoora West, Saturday 11 November

We sprinted right past Spring and headlong into Summer, with the first 30-degree event of the series.  Courses headed straight into the complex stuff with a number of short legs and direction changes, then some longer running legs in the open, which sapped the energy sufficiently to make the last few legs hard on body and brain.  Jersey points are very interesting this week as some classic battles between the contenders continued – check the scores.

Results     Splits     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points     Photos

Race 3 – VU Edgewater, Saturday 28 October

Courses at Edgewater had two distinctive sections – they began with several straightforward running legs, designed to wear you out before you got to the sprint leg – which was immediately followed by the hill climb. Dodging the wedding parties again, we headed into the campus for the second half.  Straight away traps were set, and promptly fallen into.  Most notable was the leg from 77 to 78, where many competitors ‘fessed up to being on the wrong level, with no choice but to backtrack.  The final loop of short legs had everyone dashing in all directions before the last sprint for the line.

Results     Splits     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points     Photos

Race 2 – Oxley College, Chirnside Park, Saturday 21 October (new map)

There’s always a buzz when we use a new map, and Oxley College was no exception.  We quickly found out what we were in for when course setter Ewen Templeton threw us straight into the north end of the campus, which is full of intricacies.  After spinning us around in there, we popped out for a sprint leg across the oval and flipped our maps, only to be faced with a long hill climb which will have seen the true jersey contenders rise to the top.  Then it was straight back into the complexity again, before a final loop of very short legs.  Another fantastic afternoon of sprint racing at its finest.

Results   Splits   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points   Photos

Race 1 – University of Melbourne, Saturday 14 October

Excitement was in the air as the first Sprint Into Spring race got underway at the University of Melbourne’s campus in Parkville.  A big crowd featured many regular Melbourne park-street competitors ready to take on some of Australia’s top sprint orienteers, mixed with a crop of up and coming juniors, all vying for a Yellow, Green, or Polkadot Jersey.  Asha Steer’s courses ensured the action was fast and furious, with constant direction changes and subtle but significant route choices.  The 100 metre dash along the finish chute made great spectating, and the instant results on our TV screens created a real buzz at the arena.

Results     Splits     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points     Photos

Think On Your Feet: Orienteering Victoria’s “Sprint Into Spring” events are short distance, fast paced races held in small, self contained areas with many complex features, such as parks or campuses. Maps are full colour and large scale, with a high level of detail.

Sprint orienteering is about thinking and racing hard simultaneously, focusing on quick decision making. These events are fairly simple to navigate at a walk or slow jog, but the task is more demanding at high speed, especially when faced with multiple legs featuring constant changes of direction and route choice. If you run fast then make sure that it’s in the right direction!

  • Races 1-6, and the Victorian Sprint Championships, in MelbourneSiS winners Tops
  • Saturday afternoons in October and November 2017
  • SportIdent electronic timing, with starts at 1 minute intervals.  Choose your own start time between 1.30pm and 2.45pm.
  • Special yellow, green and polkadot jersey awards – thanks to Dirty D orienteering gear. 

DirtyD Logo LR 

Race Date Map Location / Melway or VicRoads
1 Sat
14 Oct
University of Melbourne Sports Centre.  No parking on campus – park on nearby streets or take public transport (Melway 2B D6) Results  Splits  Race Wrap ‘n’ Map  Photos   Jersey Points
2 Sat
21 Oct
Oxley College (NEW) Old Melbourne Road, Chirnside Park (Melway 37 E6) Results     Splits     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map  Photos    Jersey Points
3 Sat
28 Oct
VU Edgewater Farnsworth Avenue, Footscray (Melway 2S 4F) Results     Splits     Photos     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points
4 Sat
11 Nov
RMIT Bundoora West Plenty Road, Bundoora (Melway 10 A8) Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points
5 Sat
18 Nov
Royal Park (NEW) Lawn 7, Brens Drive, Parkville (Melway 29 D12) Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points
6 Sat
25 Nov
Latrobe University Car Park 6 Ring Road, Bundoora (Melway 19 H6) Results     Splits     Photos     Race Wrap   Final Jersey Points
7 Sun 26 Nov Monash University


Wellington Road, Clayton (Melway 70 G12) Results     Splits     Photos
  • Races 1-6: Start any time between 1.30 and 2.45pm. Registration opens 1.00pm.
  • Victorian Sprint Champs:  Pre-allocated start times from 10.30am.


  • Enter races 1-6 on the day at Registration.  Entry fees $10 adults, $5 juniors (under 21).  No pre-entry needed.
  • Series tickets on sale at Races 1 and 2.  $50 adults, $25 juniors (under 21).
  • The Sprint Champs will have a separate entry fee, and can only be pre-entered online via Eventor.  Please enter the appropriate Age class.  ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN!

Courses:  choose any of our three options

  • Mo Farah – go the distance; hard navigation, approx 3.5km with 25-30 controls
  • Sally Pearson –  short ‘n’ sharp; hard navigation, approx 2.5km with 16-20 controls
  • Usain Bolt –  uncomplicated (suitable for kids and novices); approx 2.5 km with 16-20 controls

Enquiries: voa@iinet.net.au; 0409 135 020 (Debbie)

Here’s how to find out what features can and cannot be crossed during a race:

Legend: Forbidden-to-cross Features

SIS rules and scoring – please ensure you read our rules of fair play, and the jersey points scoring system. Jerseys will be awarded to the highest scoring Male and Female on each course, in each category – Overall (Yellow), Sprint (Green), and Hill Climb (Polkadot).  In 2017, your best 5 scores from Races 1-6 count.

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