Boronia Gully EndurO


EndurO 2 saw the debut of the new “true or false” format, and the introduction of a 90 minute course.  Both proved popular with competitors – the extended time opened up a lot more route choice options, and answering the questions was quicker (though care was still needed thanks to the devious minds of Ilze and Tina).  Bemused voters saw us running through a couple of polling places, in search of answers that had nothing to do with politics!

The map was a compilation of the very hilly Koolunga map to the east, and the flatter-in-some-places-but-not-so-flat-in-others Wattle View, to the west.  Route choice was not at all obvious, so smart thinking was as important as speed and endurance.

Boronia Gully Enduro Results

Victory on the 120 min Run went to Andrew, who cleaned up the entire course in 23 kms and a little under 2 hours.  Paul was second on 900 points, only 20 ahead of third placed Rick.  On the 120 min Walk, Geoff went 20 points clear of Maria, with 690 points; Michael took third.

Ian won the 90 min Run by a whisker, scoring 720 points to Peter M’s 710, and Colin’s 690.  The 90 min Walk was the most popular category, and proved very competitive.  Tony did the honours, scoring 530 points, with Helen second and Barry third.

EndurO no 3 will be on August 20 in Elsternwick.  Meanwhile, normal Saturday “cakeO” resumes next week at Abbey Walk in Vermont.  See you there!

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