World Series StreetO – The Challenge is On

The Challenge is on!  Two hundred people have signed up for this world first event.  Online entries are closed, but you are very welcome to Enter on the Day at White Flat Oval between 3.30pm and 4.00pm on Thursday October 1st, for a mass start at 4.30pm.  Choose an A, B, C or PW 25 control Score course.

For important competitor information click here.

An International team will take on 10 State teams (3 from Victoria, 2 from NSW, and 1 each from ACT, Qld, SA, Tas and WA).  Each team member will earn points for their team.  The winning team will be announced at the Australian Long Distance Champs on Saturday October 4.

Challenge Teams

Victorian Teams are made up as follows:

Vic Team 1: ARDF + BK + Bendigo

Vic Team 2: DR + Eureka

Vic Team 3: MFR + NE + TK + YV

The Dr Blake Tribute Dinner is still taking bookings – sign up at the Event Centre or Registration tent. Click here for the menu.

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