Winter Series Gets Underway

Melbourne Park and Street Orienteering slipped into winter mode this week, despite continuing mild weather, and daylight till around 7.45pm for the first two weeks – though we do advise you to bring a torch.  Events are held every Monday and Wednesday right through till October, and on most Saturday afternoons as well.

On Mondays you can tackle our fun “37s” handicap format, or a 25-control, 60 minute score course. There are two series, each of 15 weeks duration.  On Wednesdays the Autumn Classic series is underway, which will be followed by the Spring Carnival Series.  You can choose one of the three runners’ options – 40, 50 or 60 minutes – or power walkers.  If you live or work near the western suburbs, there’s a 10 week Tuesday night series from April-June.

Our Saturday “CakeO” series also kicks off this week.  These events start at 2pm and you can choose a 60 minute or 45 minute runners’ course, or a 60 minute Power Walkers course.  Check our Coming Events page for all the details of where and when, and our Getting Started page to find out more information.

For regular participants, Season Tickets are on sale for the next 3 weeks.  These offer a big discount on the normal entry fees, and are very convenient as you don’t have to remember those $4 of coins!  You must be a member of Orienteering Victoria to buy a Season Ticket – visit their web page for more information.


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