Sprint Into Spring Race Wrap 3 Latrobe Uni

Shane’s Race Wrap:

A hot and windy day greeted participants at Latrobe University Bundoora for the third race in the Sprint Into Spring Series, plenty of runners coming back red faced and sweating profusely. Luckily the start area was surrounded by shady trees. The heat may have deterred a few as we “only” had 121 competitors.

Mo Farah assembled a strong field with Bryan Keely back. Jakob Edsen won his third consecutive event in 16:52, followed by Bruce Arthur in 17:23 and Bryan Keely in 17:27. The women’s saw  Natasha Key (20:29) retain her overall lead and score her second win in a row ahead of Laurina Neumann (22:37) and Kathryn Preston (22:42). The Hill Climb sorted a few but Eskil was the fastest again, completing the leg in 21 seconds, in front of Shane Mallia (23s) and David Brownridge (29s). Lanita Steer was 1 second quicker than Natasha, with Laurina a further 6 seconds back. The Sprint Leg was a 3-way tie between Thor, Eskil and Peter Collins in 14 seconds. Rebecca Jaffe continued to show her sprinting prowess in 16 seconds, ahead of Mary Fleming (21s) and Natasha (22s).

Sally Pearson had 45 runners complete the course, where Aston Key won in his first event of the series in an impressive time of 18:25. Further behind was Patrick Bradfield Smith (19:54) and Mason Arthur (23:17). Janet Johnson was the quickest female in 24:56, second was Debbie Dodd (28:25) and third was Anne Arthur (29:17). The Hill Climb Leg was tough, deciding to take the big stairs or the path beside it. Patrick navigated it in 29 seconds, ahead of Aston and Max Dalheim a further 9 seconds adrift. Anne (41s) dominated amongst the Ladies in front of Cassandra Dutton (48s) and Ruth Goddard (56s). After a hot run the last thing everyone wanted to do at the end was finish with a sprint, but that’s what we had to do, and Patrick (18s), Cassandra (19s), Steven O’Connell (20s), Paul Benson (21s), Max (21s), Debbie (26s) all left a bit in the tank for the penultimate leg.

Torren Arthur showed why he’s favourite to take out the Yellow Jersey on the Usain Bolt course with a stunning time of 11:53, over four minutes ahead of his school mate Felix Corcoran (16:05), with Ian Baker just under 9 minutes behind in 20:48. Combating the heat in a time of 26:31 was Mariann Fossum who led Marie Elf (27:36) and Anna Leditschke (32:04). Newcomer Josh Boulton flew up the hill on his way to the 8th control in 29 seconds, a whopping 22 seconds faster than Torren and 23 seconds faster than Felix. Marie (1:31) was the fastest female followed by Mariann (1:47) and Anna (1:51). The Sprint Leg was a similar story with Josh fastest in 20 seconds, followed by Torren in 22 seconds and Felix and Callum White in 26 seconds. Anna completed the second last leg in 56 seconds ahead of Mariann (1:12) and Marie (1:19).

At the end of the race everyone enjoyed some more insightful technical tips from JET (Jakob, Eskil and Thor), including how best to determine your route choice which involves making your mind up quickly. Even the best have differing opinions as evident in Mo Farah, with the top Men split on whether to go right or left from Control 15 to 16.

It looks a little cooler next Saturday so head on down to VU Edgewater!

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