Sprint Into Spring Race Wrap 1, Newport Lakes

Shane’s Race Wrap:

The second year of the Sprint Into Spring Series started with a BANG on Saturday 18 October on a partly cloudy 26 degree day, with 140 participants already exceeding last year’s attendance record.. The Newport Lakes map drawn by Ted van Geldermalsen and Greg Tamblyn made great use of the trees for hiding spots, and the Mo Farah course runners needed to use their skiing (or snowboarding) skills to go down a very steep gradient – or they could just go down bottom first! Some even attempted to go up it after a poor route choice.

The high calibre of entrants is going to make this series very hotly contested even with the injured Brian Keely sidelined.  The Mo Farah course was navigated in 16m 30s by Jakob Edsen, who leads the race for the Yellow Jersey ahead of Ian Lawford (17:05) and Brodie Nankervis (17:33). The Hill Climb from Control 8 to 9 was completed in a lively 29 seconds by Eskil Schøning; a fair bit faster than the next 10 who were only separated by 6 seconds, headed by Ian Lawford (42s) and Jakob Edsen (43s).

The Sprint Leg from Control 21 to 22 was completed in a quick 21 seconds by Thor Nørskov pipping Eskil Schøning by 1 second, with Brodie a further 2 seconds behind. On the women’s side Lanita Steer finished in 21m 28s, followed by Natasha Key (21:34) and Laurina Neumann (22:13). Clare Brownridge and Lanita Steer both hold the lead for the Polka Dot Jersey ahead of Natasha Key. Rebecca Jaffe completed the Sprint Leg in 25 seconds which would have put her in 4th place in the men’s rankings. Lanita Steer (35s) was next best followed by Natasha Key (36s).

Sally Pearson was a dead heat in the men’s between Max Dalheim and Patrick Bradfield, both finishing in a time of 16m 28s. Peter Mallen finished 79 seconds behind the two leaders. In the women’s Anne Arthur (22:05) holds the Yellow Jersey ahead of Ruth Goddard (22:34) who beat Debbie Dodd (22:35) by 1 second to claim second spot. The Polka Dot Jersey leaders are Max Dalheim in the men’s ahead of Patrick Bradfield and Mason Arthur, whilst the Brown Family lead Anne Robinson and Ruth Goddard on the women’s side. The Sprint Leg saw another dead heat for first with Chris Warren and Patrick Bradfield doing it in 24 seconds, 12 seconds ahead of third placed Brody McCarthy. The Brown Family did the Sprint Leg in 29 seconds, a fair bit quicker than Debbie Dodd and Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins in second and third spot respectively.

The Usain Bolt Course had seven male runners, with Torren Arthur leading the way in 12 minutes and 54 seconds, just under 6 minutes faster than Magnus Fossum (18:46) with Seth Cooper third in 20m 57s. Torren dominated the Hill Climb as well in 1m 10s, ahead of Will Longley who was 3 seconds faster than Seth Cooper. Torren also leads the Sprint Leg ahead of Magnus and Seth. Pat Mews was the fastest woman, completing the course in 18m 05s ahead of Sophie Arthur (25:43) and Mariann Fossum (27:23). Pat was also the quickest up the hill in 1m 24s, 19 seconds faster than Sophie with Hannah Adams (1:43) third. Sophie took out the sprint leg ahead of Claire Adams and Pat.

We hope to see everybody at Ruffey Lake this Saturday for the second event in the Sprint Into Spring Series!



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