Sprint Into Spring Race 5 Photos, Parade College

Thanks to roving photographer Asha for these top shots! Click on an image to enlarge it.

IMGP8290 (640x521) IMGP8292 (569x640) IMGP8294 (640x352) IMGP8296 (640x607) IMGP8298 (640x328) IMGP8301 (640x560) IMGP8303 (640x508) IMGP8305 (569x640) IMGP8307 (640x569) IMGP8309 (640x426) IMGP8311 (640x425) IMGP8313 (470x640) IMGP8314 (575x640) IMGP8315 (640x425) IMGP8317 (640x476) IMGP8318 (640x426) IMGP8319 (640x530) IMGP8321 (640x437) IMGP8325 (640x433) IMGP8326 (640x453) IMGP8327 (640x558) IMGP8329 (640x483) IMGP8330 (640x494) IMGP8332 (640x603) IMGP8339 (640x419) IMGP8342 (640x425) IMGP8346 (640x578) IMGP8348 (640x625) IMGP8350 (640x586) IMGP8353 (640x545) IMGP8357 (640x614) IMGP8359 (640x425) IMGP8361 (640x637) IMGP8362 (640x425) IMGP8363 (640x343) IMGP8365 (640x502) IMGP8368 (640x517) IMGP8370 (640x531) IMGP8371 (640x527) IMGP8372 (501x640)

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