Race Wrap 6, Eltham Lower

Shane’s Race Wrap:

The Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Club and its army of volunteers provided a great way to finish the 2014 Sprint Into Spring Series at Eltham Lower Park.  Just over 120 runners navigated their way around the park and bush setting in hot conditions.

The Mo Farah had 60 runners complete the course, headed by Jakob Edsen in a time of 14.43, Bryan Keely in 15.02 and Eskil Schøning and Bruce Arthur tied in 15.40. Jakob finished with 5 course wins for the series and took out the Men’s Overall ahead of Bruce Arthur, Ian Lawford and Thor Nørskov. Natasha Key and Cecilie Friburg were separated by only 1 second, with Laurina Neumann a further 106 seconds behind in third. Tash took out the Women’s Overall ahead of Laurina and Lanita Steer. The Yellow Jersey winner is Natasha Key (58 pts) ahead of Jakob (50 pts) and Laurina (48 pts).

The Sprint Leg was nice and short compared to previous courses and punching became more critical – a good chance to practice the punching technique demonstrated by the Danish boys last week. Peter Collins managed to complete the leg in the same time (13s) as Thor, which was a fantastic effort; with Andrew Rowan and Matt Doyle 1 second adrift. Tash was the quickest women in 18s, ahead of Cecilie and Lanita both in 23. The Jersey standings ended up with Natasha on top (53 pts), followed by the winner Thor (48.5 pts) and Lanita (42.5 pts) in third spot – remembering that you can only win one jersey.

The brutal 10 contour Hill Climb leg was once again conquered by Eskil Schoning in 51 seconds, only marginally ahead of Shane Mallia (52s), with Andrew Rowan (1.08) third. Lanita got up the hill in 1.15 in front of Cecilie (1.27) and Natasha (1.28). Congratulations to Eskil who won 6 of 6 Hill Climb legs to take out the Polka Dot Jersey with a perfect score of 60 points, in front of Tash (50 pts) and Lanita (45.5 pts).

The Sally Pearson had 47 orienteers complete the course. The quickest of them all was Jun Okabe in 16.32, ahead of Cormac McCarthy (17.25) and Robert Foote (18.04). The Men’s competition was very close all series with nobody dominating; Mason Arthur (41 pts) was the most consistent, attending every event which enabled him to claim the overall rankings ahead of Aston Key (30 pts) and Cormac (29 pts). Anne Arthur was the fastest female in 25.11, with a close finish for second between Jenelle Templeton (26.53) and Ruth Goddard (27.03). Anne’s third win topped off a wonderful series for her, culminating in winning the Women’s Overall ahead of Ruth Goddard, Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins and Debbie Dodd. The Yellow Jersey was also won by Anne (56 pts) ahead of her son Mason (37 pts) and Ruth Goddard (36 pts) in third place.

The Sprint leg was completed in the fastest time by Campbell James (17s) ahead of Robert (20s) and Jun (21s). The women had a dead heat between Cassandra Dutton, Pamela King and Debbie Dodd, all completing the leg in 25 seconds. Congratulations to the Green Jersey winner Debbie (56.5 pts), finishing a fair bit ahead of second, Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins (37.5 pts) and third, Mason Arthur (34.5 pts).

The Hill Climb saw a lot of people walking up the 154m ascent. Warren Key got up in a time of 1.24, in front of Robert Foote (1.41) and Cormac (1.42). Cassandra was the quickest female in 2.06, followed by Ruth (2.10) and Jenelle (2.20). The winner of the Polka Dot jersey with 5 leg wins is Anne Robinson (50 pts), the placings are filled by Ruth (41.5 pts) and Philippa (33 pts).

The Usain Bolt saw 14 people navigate their way around the course, although none of them could match Torren Arthur who completed a clean sweep of the 2014 series, winning his 6th event in a time of 17.32, ahead of Callum White (23.19) and Noah Hutton (29.21). The Women’s was headed by Heather O’Donnell in 22.30, followed by Claire Adams (36.26) just ahead of Mariann Fossum (37.51). Torren wins the Men’s Overall with a perfect score of 60 points, from Magnus Fossum (48 pts) and newcomer Noah Hutton (21 pts). The Women’s overall winner is Mariann (39 pts), second goes to Anna Leditschke (36 pts) and third to Claire Adams (34 pts). The Yellow Jersey winner is Torren, who now has a singlet to match his brother Mason who won last year; second is Magnus and third is Mariann.

The 74m Sprint leg was completed quickest by Torren (26s), Jun (31s), Ryan Cates (35s), Claire (26s), Heather (31s) and Mariann (34s). The Green Jersey winner is Claire Adams; the final standings were in order; Torren (57 pts), Claire (45 pts) and Magnus 42 pts). The arduous Hill Climb was completed in a ripping time of 1.37 by Callum White to beat Torren (2.17) and Magnus (2.34). Heather was the quickest female in 2.06, followed by Claire (2.19) and Emma Cates (3.17). The final results for the Polka Dot Jersey were so close – Torren (57 pts) and Claire (41 pts) finished first and second  respectively, but both claiming jerseys already means that the third placegetter Magnus Fossum (39 pts and just ahead of his mother Mariann) takes home the jersey.

We have certainly unearthed some talented sprinters of all ages, on all three courses.  Congratulations to all the winners, Thank You to everyone who made this series such a successful one, and we hope to see you all back in 2015!

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