Park and Street Champs 2014, Kensington, Photos

Congratulations to the medal winners! Medals will be presented at the Awards Night on Wed March 19 at Maroondah Triangle.  Click here for a full report and results.

Photos below – click on an image to enlarge:

DSCN5571 (640x480) DSCN5574 (640x321)DSCN5583 (640x534) DSCN5585 (532x640) DSCN5606 (640x324) DSCN5607 (303x640) DSCN5608 (435x640) DSCN5616 (640x383) DSCN5619 (640x480) DSCN5620 (640x508) DSCN5628 (640x480) DSCN5641 (640x480) DSCN5643 (640x480) DSCN5645 (628x640) DSCN5649 (533x640) DSCN5651 (624x640) DSCN5653 (522x640) DSCN5654 (640x600) DSCN5658 (640x573) DSCN5659 (640x480) DSCN5668 (572x640) DSCN5669 (480x640) DSCN5675 (438x640) DSCN5676 (413x640) DSCN5678 (640x623) DSCN5683 (401x640) DSCN5685 (429x640) DSCN5686 (519x640) DSCN5689 (640x536) DSCN5692 (507x640) DSCN5693 (481x640) DSCN5695 (620x640) DSCN5698 (486x640) DSCN5701 (640x626) DSCN5702 (573x640)

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