Park and Street 2014 Championship Qualifiers Start This Week

The 2014 Park and Street Champs are at Kensington on February 25, on one of Melbourne’s most complex and popular maps.  Over the next 3 weeks, there are a series of qualifying events, to select those eligible to compete in the Final.  The first is this Tuesday Feb 4, at Rifle Range in Williamstown – and with a sub-30 temperature, this could be an ideal opportunity if you don’t like the heat.  Qualifier 2 is the following night, Wed Feb 5 at Blackburn Lake.  A new start location will give a new perspective to this map, which takes in the lake and creeklands as well as the many tiny lanes and cut-throughs.  The Champs are age-based, so click here to check out which course you need to enter.


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