Casey-Kingston Week 8 – Chelsea Heights

Another new map in another new area, one that will probably be thought of generally as the best of this series. Many people came back in saying what a great area it was to be let loose on. I can see we’ll be back here again as there is a lot more area to use around where we were, too much for a single evening’s course. Course-setter and mapper Adam has already picked another area to use, still including the large parklands.

It may have been a great area but it is easily the worst named; there wasn’t a Height in sight. Some people did claim they went uphill at some point, but that was usually up an embankment that probably seemed big because it was the only climb they did.

This coming week at Endeavour Hills is the last scoring event for the series, although there’s an exception to that, see below. We haven’t seen any B or C course people in Kingston, so we may (hope!) to see them back on Monday 3rd March. In D Course Merv is unbeatable overall, but you may be able to get a 100 over him if he eases up a bit because of that.

The Walkers event is wide open because people have come to either the Casey or the Kingston events – Endeavour Hills is the decider for all of those with 2, 3 or 4 events so far. So I’ve no idea who is in the running for the choccie here, other than to say the top 10!

Top Tip 7 – Map awareness

Map awareness is another term I’ve made up, and I’m including it here as it is easy to fall foul of it. Look at the map with a bit of care – take note of any controls that are on the edge or in a blob of grey or black. These can sometimes be missed when you’re out there running or walking along, just by folding the map the a certain way or having your fingers over it, and so you wander past and miss that 4 pointer – really annoying when you work it out and are 20 minutes away.

The best way to avoid this is a decent look at the start, even at the expense of a few seconds of moving. Otherwise do a count of how many you have and how many to go as you move along, and if you think of it, check under your thumb that’s holding the map every so often.

Another trap is if you fold the map to show different areas as you go along – especially useful on windy days – take a good look at the folds, they’ve been known to hide controls!

So, Endeavour Hills on Monday 3rd, and unlike Chelsea Heights it is aptly named. It is also a really nice area to spend an evening walking or running around, so see you all there.

The exception to the scoring events

There are 9 scoring events that are make up the overall competition, the most points wins. We have first, second and third places. There is a chance that we may end up with a draw for some of those places after Endeavour Hills, so if that’s the case we may use the last event at Cheltenham as a tie-breaker. Or we may just be generous and let both people have the chocolate.

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