Casey-Kingston Week 3 Results – River Gum Creek

A new map for tonight, even for those who did this series last year. It has already been referred to as ‘the flattest course in Melbourne’! Bernie’s course was deceptively simple at first glance, but actually quite a challenge in finding the best (there’s a word that should always appear in inverted commas when being used about orienteering) course, as evident in all the discussions at the end, amongst those lucky enough to have participated. The weather was very kind too, just perfect for a bit of outdoor exercise.

There were a few sprints for the finish punch to add to the excitement (you can see some of these in the photos already posted). You can also see the possibility of two new categories for Street-O – Rollerblade and Scooter (I know that’s not what it’s called, but that is a brand name, so until they sponsor the series, it’s a scooter). I was told that Dad acted as packhorse for the grassier areas for the rollerblade though!

Top Tip 3 – You may think we carry on about filling in the cards’ top and bottom parts a bit, but there are two very good reasons for it. The first is really an administrative one for Orienteering; we do need to know how many people we have each week for the reports and stats.

The second is really, really important – your safety! If we can’t match up the number of punch cards to the number of tear-off bits, we know someone is still out on the course, so we have to go looking. Or, as sometimes happens, we have to count and recount and then match them all up, name by name, until we find who is/are not yet back. Then it’s a check of cars and keys left, where someone last saw them, etc. Usually there isn’t an issue in losing someone, but those having to do all of this checking don’t get to leave until we are sure everyone is back and ok.

It is especially important to make sure that if some of our younger competitors have been given the job of filling in their own card (it’s great if they have), that they only hand in and use the one card. Seems simple, but when it isn’t done it does cause a bit of worry.

So please, use the cards and fill them out clearly!

OK, results:

Course D    (Scatter Course)
    Name                                    Points
  1   BENDLE, MERV		100

Power Walkers    (Score Course)
	Name		2pt  3pt   4pt  5pt  Total  Order     Points

  1   JONES, LEANNE		2       3       4      5       54      1           100
  2   GARDEN, CHRISTINE	1       3       4      2       37      2            99
  3   ELLIS, MELISSA		1       3       4      2       37      3            98
  4   WATERS, TYSON		3       1       0      2       19      4            97
  5   WATERS, HAYDEN	3       1       0      2       19      5            96




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