Casey-Kingston Week 2 Results – Hampton Park

I’m sure the heat kept many away, but the breeze was nice and cool for a wonderfully flat map, and course as well. Round Two was notable for the visitors outscoring the home team – of the nine competitors, two were from Queensland and three were from Germany. The fame of this series is certainly spreading far and wide.

Top Tip 1 was ‘turn up anyway’, and aimed at that moment in time when you go to leave the house or work and decide not to because <insert excuse to yourself here>. There is another part to it though, and that is that the more you come, the more points you earn and so the more chances of placing in the series. Which, most importantly, earns you a block of chocolate at the end.  That will become really obvious in the next week or two as the scores start to appear. There is no table for overall scores as yet, but I hope to have it up in the next day or so – just got some back-end, nerdy IT things to sort out first.

Top Tip 2: At the 30 minute mark, start heading back to the finish.

This is mainly for the walkers,  who are trying to reach as many controls as they can in an hour. But it can also apply to runners who come close to the hour in getting all their controls. Imagine you are 30 minutes into the course and you only have 7 of the 16 controls you are aiming for. If it’s taken you 30 minutes to get to 7 controls, you aren’t likely to get 9 in the next 30 minutes. You’re going to be late back, and lose more points than it is worth staying out for. So just start heading back and collecting controls as you come in – you can usually fill in the next 25-30 minutes doing that quite easily, even by going past the Finish and coming back – I saw a lot of people do that at this event. You can adjust this with the terrain (I don’t have another big hill to go up), but err on the side of caution. To get a bit fancy, you can split this up further – a third of the course  every 20 mins, 5 controls every 15 mins, minutes per control – whatever you like. Some people count the time between controls, not the controls themselves. However you want to do it, keep the basic rule in  mind – 30 minutes is always halfway.

The results for this week are below. If you want to see the full results for everyone and where you came in those, head over to the regular website.

Course C    (Scatter Course)
      Name                               Points
  1    JURAS, SANDRA                   100
  2   JURAS, HARALD                    99
  3   JURAS, KERSTIN                   98

Course D    (Scatter Course)
      Name                               Points
  1   BENDLE, MERV                     100
  2   BENDLE, CHRIS                      99

Power Walkers    (Score Course)                                                        
	Name                           2pt  3pt  4pt  5pt  Total  Order     Points
  1     CARLESS, MICHELLE         0    4     2     4       40        12           100
  2  JONES, LEANNE                 0    4     2     4       40        13            99
  3     ELLIS, MELISSA                   0    3     2     3       32         3             98
  4     GARDEN, CHRISTINE        0    3     2     3       32         4             97
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