Casey-Kingston Week 1 Results – Brentwood Park

We had an excellent start to the series, with a pleasant temperature and weather for a run or walk, sandwiched between the cold and high winds of the week before and the heat of the week it kicked off.

We have somewhere between 19 and 22 participants in the Challenge, we’re not sure(!). We did ask all those in the Challenge to make sure they had a highlighter mark on their card, so the scorer would know who you were. Please check the results below and let us know if you aren’t on it and should be. We will be able to slot you into your place once we know who you are!

Let’s repeat the basics – the Casey Kingston Challenge is for:

  • any resident of the Cities of Casey or Kingston, and
  • anyone new to street orienteering

If you are new and from outside Casey and Kingston, thanks for making the trip!

So tonight, Week 2, Hampton Park. Looks like being a bit hot, so be ready for that, and enjoy the free fruit at the end! Top Tip No.1 for Street-O is Turn up anyway!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been at the door and thought, “No way” because it is bucketing down or too hot, but headed off anyway, and sure enough, come 7pm – sometimes on the dot! – conditions have settled and it has been not bad after all. Or, as I’ve driven into the next suburb or two, the local weather has turned out to be different there. So the first Top Tip for those new to this – ignore the weather and go anyway, it’ll work out for the best. Last year in Casey the second event was forecast as being in the high 30’s but ended up very cool, and a few people stayed at home and so missed what became a pleasant evening outside.

The Casey Challenge results are below. Once again, please check that you are on the list, and in the right category. If not, let Greg know by calling 0409 734 466, or by speaking to someone at the next event who looks like they may know what is going on.

The results are below; all provisional until we hear from you who else should be on the list!

(Sorry for the formatting, I’ll just leave it for now and tidy it up later, the important thing is to see if your name is here).

Course B    (Scatter Course)

Name                                   Points

1   KERSTENS, JORIS              100

2   KERSTENS, THEO               99

Course C    (Scatter Course)

Name                                               Points

1   MACDONALD, JULIANNE         100

2   SAUGY, DIANNE                            99

Course D    (Scatter Course)

Name                                      Points

1   DAMEN, EMMA                   100

2   GIULIERI, RACHEL             99

3   GABSCH, HANNAH             98

4   ALCOCK, MADELEINE       97

5   MACDONALD, EMMA         96

6   MACDONALD, CHRIS         95

7   BREMNER, JENNY               94

8   BREMNER, AMANDA          93

Power Walkers    (Score Course)

Arrival    Overall           Name                                2pt    3pt   4pt    5pt    Total     Late?      Order      Points
1      JONES, ALANNA             0      2          5       5      51                              4           100

2      O’CONNELL, LIAM          0      2        5       5      51                              5            99

3      CARLESS, STEVE            0      3         5      3       44                              6            98

4      CARLESS, MICHELLE     0      3       5      3       44                              7            97

5      JONES, LEANNE              0      3        5      3       44                             8            96

6      LIM, SIEW                         0      2        4      3       37                              2            95

7      KONG, LUCAS                  0      2        4      3       37                              3            94

8      KERSTENS, HELMA        2      2       2      1       23                             1            93


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