Casey – Kingston Challenge – Kingston Heath

The final event for the series was back in Kingston, in Cheltenham, on the Kingston Heath course, with hardly a contour on the map or a hill on the ground.

We didn’t have many there from the series; Christine Raviart won B Course, Merv Bendle was first in D and Ruth Faulconbridge was second, and for the walkers the finishing order was 1st Steve Reynolds, 2nd Julie Sullivan, 3rd Noel Jenkinson and 4th Anne Jenkinson.

The map had a novelty element in the two 20 pointers, and also another novelty element especially for us. Unfortunately, by virtue of the course-setter not being there to explain it and me not having the chance to read the map before we set you off, we missed the second one! Bruce had made a Challenge-only set of points for the controls for the walkers. If you picked that up and used that set, let me know and I’ll adjust the finishing places here if needs be.

We also had a presentation to the first, second and third placegetters for each category, handing out the certificates and chocolate to those there. There were some sneaky Walkers who pretended they weren’t there to avoid the applause and cheers, but owned up later (I really should have only allowed them half a block of chocolate each for that). If you weren’t there then please let me know your address, or come along on Monday, and I’ll get the certificate to you.

Although the series officially finished on Monday, I have included the last event for the whole summer series as a final Challenge event as well. It is another novelty – but this time everyone will be doing the novelty, because the regular street-o people finished their series at Kingston Heath.

So come along for one more event – it isn’t too much further than Cheltenham, really!

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