Sprint Into Spring Race 7 and 8 Wrap – Ballarat

The weather in Ballarat made the final two events for the series very enjoyable. The combination of bush and buildings on the two maps proved difficult to navigate for those used to BushO map scales. Eureka Orienteers did a wonderful job in setting two courses on the one day, enabling a great end to the inaugural Sprint Into Spring Series.

The 7th race held at Damascus College attracted 95 participants who enjoyed the perfect running conditions, while Mt Clear had 85 runners joining the long start queue. The Mo Farah Jerseys and Overall Standings were due for a shake-up this weekend with quite a few runners due to notch up their 6th event.

Bryan Keely dominated both events winning the 7th in 13:19 and the 8th in 12:59. Ian Lawford was unable to catch Bryan in either event finishing 2nd both times by small margins (4 and 13 seconds). Christopher Naunton and Bruce Arthur rounded out the top 3 spots at Damascus and Mt Clear College.  At Damascus College, Jordan Hirst won the Sprint leg by 3 seconds from Jeremy Hirs,t with Brodie Nankervis and Shane Mallia sharing third place. Jordan won the Hill Climb in 25 seconds and only 1 second separated Shaneand Brodie in second and third. Mt Clear College provided a perfect sprint area for spectator involvement, which spurred Bryan on to record his first victory on the Sprint Leg in 21 seconds equal with Matt Doyle; Shane, Jordan and Ian Lawford shared third place in 22 seconds. The Hill Climb was set in the bush where Jordan claimed another victory ahead of Brodie and Ian.

The Sally Pearson course at Damascus College was won by Katelyn Doyle in front of Glenn James and Anne Robinson, then Glenn James turned the tables, winning by a massive 100 seconds over Katelyn Doyle and Janine Steer at Mt Clear College. Ryan Davies and Michael Loughnan won the first Sprint Leg of the Day in front of Katelyn, while Paula Doyle won the second in 32 seconds ahead of Michael, Glenn and Margi Freemantle. The Hill Climb at Damascus College was won by Glenn ahead of Ryan and Janine. The Mt Clear Hill Climb was run in 73 seconds by Glenn in front of Janine and Anne Arthur.

The Usain Bolt Course was once again dominated by the Arthur boys. Mason won both courses ahead of Torren, with Peter Beggs finishing third at Damascus College and Sarah Davies third at Mount Clear College. The Sprint Leg results at Damascus College were Sarah Davies (49 sec) first, Peter (55 sec) second and Mason (60 sec) third. Torren was inspired by the crowd chanting and ran the Mount Clear Sprint Leg in 30 seconds, 3 seconds behind was Mason, and Sarah was 4 seconds further behind. The Hill Climb results at Damascus College were Torren (41 sec) first, Mason (45 sec) second and Peter (59 sec) third. The bush Hill Climb Leg at Mount Clear College was won by Mason ahead of Sarah and Torren.

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