Sprint Into Spring Race 2 Wrap – Pipemakers Park

You can see all the results here, and analyse your splits with WinSplits.  Have a look at the photos!

Click here for overall results of the Points competition for the Yellow, Green and Polkadot Jerseys.

The weather was hotter than last week, and so was the field, on all three courses.  The river provided a scenic backdrop as we sprinted in and around the historic features of Pipemakers Park, once the home of Hume Concrete manufacturing.  Yet again it was fast and furious racing – though the steep hillclimb leg sorted a few of us out!

Fifty runners contested the Mo Farah course. Bendigo’s Bryan Keely came home the winner in 14 mins 53 seconds, just 25 seconds ahead of Bruce Arthur in 15:18. Aaron Dodd was third in 16:12. Rounding out the top 5 were Fredrik Johansson and Angus Robinson.  Lanita Steer was the fastest female in 18:12, and 6th overall. Matt van der Peet dead heated with Jordan Hirst for the polkadot jersey points on the hillclimb, and Bruce Paterson ran the sprint leg quickest, beating Bruce Arthur by 1 second. Peter Collins took third on both jersey legs.  The yellow jersey has now shifted from Ian Lawford to Bruce Arthur, while Jordan Hirst retains the green and polkadot jerseys, based on points after the two races.

Tony Simpkins dropped in all the way from WA, and took out the Sally Pearson from 30 other runners, in a very handy time of 17 mins 15 seconds. Not far behind were Stephen Hanlon in 18:05, sneaking in ahead of Dennis Mews who took 18:40.  Last week’s winner Janine Steer was 4th and first female in 21:32, narrowly ahead of Margi Freemantle in 21:55.  Shane Mallia was a comfortable winner on the polkadot jersey leg, 6 seconds faster than Max Dalheim, with Janine Steer in third.  On the sprint, the results were reversed with Max pipping Shane by 1 second, and Tony Simpkins taking third.  Dennis has now claimed the overall yellow jersey from Janine, while Max Dalheim keeps the green and polkadot jerseys.

The Usain Bolt is shaping up as a duel between Mason and Torren Arthur.  Mason finished first of the 15 runners in 13:06, with Torren second in 16:19.  Peter Beggs took third in 20:35, just ahead of young novice Andrew Liau, who came along to practice for next month’s Victorian Primary Schools Orienteering championships.  Sarah Davies was 5th, and first female, in 22:49.  Torren won both the sprint and hillclimb legs ahead of Mason.  Sarah was third on the sprint leg, and Maria Luz Manos was the third fastest climber.  No changes to the overall jersey points, with Mason holding the yellow and green and Torren the polkadot.  It was terrific to see so many kids enjoying their racing.

Next week the action moves to Darebin Parklands in Melbourne’s northeast.  I’m told the hillclimb will be serious, and everyone will need to cross the river.  You’ll be able to see plenty of action from our vantage point at the Separation Street picnic area.  Guarantee yourself a map by pre-entering before Wed October 23 on Eventor.

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2 Responses to Sprint Into Spring Race 2 Wrap – Pipemakers Park

  1. Colin Quinn says:

    Hi thanks for today had a good time. I should see you all at westgate park in a few weeks.

  2. bruce says:

    No way did I win the hill; I fell down a hole that I uncovered whilst stumbling up in the itchy weeds and it took some time to extract myself ! However, I did do well on the sprint leg (apologies to Dennis M as I crashed past him just before the control).