Sprint Into Spring Photos Race 1-3

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Race 3 – Darebin Parklands

IMGP7168 IMGP7171 IMGP7174 IMGP7182 IMGP7184 IMGP7187 IMGP7189 IMGP7191 IMGP7193 IMGP7196 IMGP7199 20131026_134539 20131026_134608 20131026_134619 20131026_134627

Race 2 – Pipemakers Park

IMGP7150 IMGP7151 IMGP7152 IMGP7153 IMGP7154 IMGP7155 IMGP7156 IMGP7157 IMGP7162 IMGP7163

Race 1 – VU St Albans

IMGP7022 IMGP7023 IMGP7025 IMGP7027 IMGP7028 IMGP7029 IMGP7030 IMGP7031 IMGP7033 IMGP7034 IMGP7035 IMGP7037 IMGP7041 IMGP7044 IMGP7045 IMGP7046 IMGP7048 IMGP7051 IMGP7052 IMGP7053 IMGP7054 IMGP7056 IMGP7058 IMGP7060 IMGP7061

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