Today’s map provided a real workout with some seriously steep climbs for the 70 participants, who enjoyed a sunny afternoon and very pleasant conditions.  Added to that, course setter Jeff played a few tricks to keep our minds working as hard as our legs. I particularly liked the small point clusters which really made you think.  There was plenty of parkland to enjoy as well. Not to mention a feast of sweet treats on our return.

Although the total course length was quite short, it was also pretty tough, with winner Ian returning in 48 minutes. Second was Peter and third was Simon, running back to fitness after his injury earlier in the year. On B, Stephen and Phil both scored 65, with Stephen just a bit quicker to get back. Reg was third on 62.  Ray took the win on C from Pete. Michael, Peter and Andrew were all locked on 67 points but finished in that order.

There’s only one more scoring event left!  Peter has kept improving and is now in top spot in A1, leaving Jim with some work to do to catch up. Ian will have to hold off Roger to keep third. Lauris will win A2 from Mark. Dale has a good lead on Noel in A3, and Allan has moved to within 2 points, but Denise could still overhaul everyone with a good run next week.  On B1, Stephen and Phil are still tied on 997, and with both of them dropping 99, Phil needs 100 points to take the overall win. On B2, my spot on top is under serious threat from Lyn who has finished off the season very strongly. Ray, Pete and Charles will take out C in that order. Michael has the best score of anyone, on 999 in PW1, and will hold off Andrew and Steven. Lyn is still a threat to Ros in PW2. No such problem for Kaye who has a big lead over Pat in PW3.

All will be resolved next Saturday, when we head Way Up Upwey Way.  And if you thought today’s hills were tough, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

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