Sprint Into Spring

Sprint Into Spring returns in October 2017!  Here’s what happened last year …


Sprint Bendigo was a fantastic way to wrap up Sprint Into Spring, culminating in the 2016 Sprint Champs.  All three events drew large numbers of competitors, who enjoyed three contrasting Sprint styles.

Race 6 at Bendigo South East College was a classic school campus, and a map flip was used to make the most of the small but very complex area.  Race 7 at South Star was a complete contrast – heavily eroded gold mining terrain with a network of small tracks, where reading the contour detail and the vegetation was crucial.  Both races were heaps of fun, and the Bendigo crew, aided by the SIS team, did an admirable job to set up and run two races in a very short space of time.

Race 6: Results   Splits

Race 7:  Results   Splits

Race Wrap ‘n’ Maps


Jersey Winners and Final Points Tally

The Sprint Champs were held right in the heart of Bendigo, on Camp Hill and Rosalind Park.  Our thanks to the various landowners who allowed us to run in this unique area, which featured a Chinese temple and garden, a former prison, and a fern maze.  Stand by for photos coming soon.

The Open winners were Liis Johansson and Brodie Nankervis, while the Junior winners were Lanita Steer and Angus Haines.  Congratulations to all winners and placegetters – check out the full results below.

Results    Splits by Class   Splits by Course

Our thanks to Bendigo Orienteers for putting together this wonderful weekend.  Sprint Into Spring returns in October 2017!

Race 5 at Newport Lakes seemed straightforward, but the courses caught out people who weren’t navigating carefully enough – proving that sprint orienteering isn’t about the fastest runner; you have to think quickly as well.  The Jerseys will be decided next weekend, and with two very different types of terrain, you’ll need to keep thinking on your feet.

Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points   Livelox – upload your route

Race 4 at Deakin Burwood caught many people out with its multiple levels, odd-shaped buildings, and controls in all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies.  We owe huge thanks to Ted van G who visited the campus almost daily in the leadup week, to remap the ever-shifting construction zones.

Simon’s courses were a really good test of technical sprint orienteering in a very complex area. Once again there were many close finishes with results separated by mere seconds, so expect to see changes in the Jersey competition!

Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points   Livelox – upload your route

Race 3 at Ruffey Lake presented an all-round challenge, and a contrast to previous weeks.  The wide open spaces meant you needed to stay accurate.  The big hills meant you needed to be fit.  And the small but very complex playground, and the cluster of controls near the finish, meant you had to keep your wits about you.  Great job done by course setter Steven O’Connell. The jersey points will see a shakeup, with three new winners on each course.

Results     Splits     Photos     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points

Race 2 at Keilor Downs Schools  was the wettest, windiest and wildest Sprint Into Spring ever.  Squally showers punctuated by all too brief bursts of sunshine made conditions physically testing. Course setter Dion messed with our heads, so all up it was a real all-round challenge (though I have to say the hill climb was probably the smallest we’ve ever had).  Fantastic maps and courses – thanks to the schools involved, and to all who braved the weather.

Results     Splits     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map    Photos    Jersey Points

Race 1 at Eltham College  was a great way to kick off SIS16!  Mike’s courses had the record crowd dashing in all directions – that is, when they weren’t scratching their heads and pondering their maps.  It was mayhem of the best kind.  Thanks to Eltham College for providing such a great venue and making us so welcome.

Here are the Results, Splits, and Photos.   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points

Think On Your Feet: Orienteering Victoria’s “Sprint Into Spring” events are short distance, fast paced races held in small, self contained areas with many complex features, such as parks or campuses. Maps are full colour and large scale, with a high level of detail.

Sprint orienteering is about thinking and racing hard simultaneously, focusing on quick decision making. These events are fairly simple to navigate at a walk or slow jog, but the task is more demanding at high speed, especially when faced with multiple legs featuring constant changes of direction and route choice. If you run fast then make sure that it’s in the right direction!

  • Races 1-5 in Melbourne, Races 6-7 and the Victorian Sprint Championships in Bendigo.
  • Saturday afternoons in October and November 2015
  • SportIdent electronic timing, with starts at 1 minute intervals.  Choose your own start time between 1.30pm and 2.45pm.
  • Special yellow, green and polkadot jersey awards – thanks to Dirty D orienteering gear. 

DirtyD Logo LR  MELB Sprint into Spring Proofs

Race Date Map Location / Melway or VicRoads
1 Sat
15 Oct
Eltham College Main Road, Research (22 K1) Results; Splits; Race Wrap ‘n’ Map; Photos
2 Sat
22 Oct
Keilor Downs Schools (NEW) Keilor Downs Secondary College, Odessa Avenue, Keilor Downs (14 C5) Results     Splits     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map  Photos    Jersey Points
3 Sat
5 Nov
Ruffey Lake (NEW) Ruffey Lake Park, Church Road off King Street, Doncaster (33 H9) Results     Splits     Photos     Race Wrap ‘n’ Map     Jersey Points
4 Sat
12 Nov
Deakin Burwood Deakin Burwood Campus, Holland Avenue, Burwood (61 B5) Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points
5 Sat
19 Nov
Newport Lakes Newport Lakes Park, Lakes Road, Newport (55 G3) Results   Splits   Photos   Race Wrap ‘n’ Map   Jersey Points   Livelox – upload your route
6 Sat
26 Nov (am)
Bendigo South East College (NEW) Sharon Street, Flora Hill (VR 608 B10) Results; Splits; Race Wrap and Map; Photos
7 Sat 26 Nov (pm) South Star (NEW) Brewery Road, Eaglehawk (VR 602 K7) Results; Splits; Race Wrap and Map; Photos
8 Sun 27 Nov (am)  Camp Hill (NEW) Tom Flood Centre, Water Street, Bendigo (VR 607 S5) Results; Splits; Race Wrap and Map; Photos
  • Races 1-5: Start any time between 1.30 and 2.45pm. Registration opens 1.00pm.
  • Race 6: Start any time between 11am and 12 noon.  Race 7:  Start any time between 3.00 and 4.00pm.
  • Victorian Sprint Champs:  Pre-allocated start times from 10am.


  • Enter races 1-7 on the day at Registration.  Entry fees $10 adults, $5 juniors (under 21).  No pre-entry needed.
  • Series tickets on sale at Races 1 and 2.  $56 adults, $28 juniors (under 21).
  • The Sprint Champs will have a separate entry fee, and can only be pre-entered online via Eventor.  Please enter the appropriate Age class.

Courses:  choose any of our three options

  • Mo Farah – go the distance; hard navigation, approx 3.5km with 25-30 controls
  • Sally Pearson –  short ‘n’ sharp; hard navigation, approx 2.5km with 16-20 controls
  • Usain Bolt –  uncomplicated (suitable for kids and novices); approx 2.5 km with 16-20 controls

Enquiries: voaATiinet.net.au; 0409 135 020 (Debbie)

Here’s how to find out what features can and cannot be crossed during a race:

Legend: Forbidden-to-cross Features

SIS 2016_rules and scoring – please ensure you read our rules of fair play, and the jersey points scoring system. Jerseys will be awarded to the highest scoring Male and Female on each course, in each category – Overall (Yellow), Sprint (Green), and Hill Climb (Polkadot).  Your best 6 scores from Races 1-7 count.

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