Yarra Trails EndurO

Our second EndurO featured a really tricky map, either side of the Yarra.  Careful planning was needed to plot your course, taking into account the bridges, bike trails, freeway, fences and out of bounds areas.  Great job by Rob Hudson to really get us thinking for the full 2 hours, or 90 minutes.

Results will be posted here soon; in the meantime please enjoy these photos:

IMGP4157 (800x440) IMGP4159 (800x437) IMGP4160 (800x531) IMGP4161 (800x455) IMGP4162 (800x497) IMGP4164 (800x513) IMGP4165 (800x532) IMGP4166 (800x532) IMGP4167 (800x574) IMGP4168 (800x722) IMGP4169 (800x592) IMGP4170 (800x562) IMGP4171 (800x578) IMGP4172 (800x679) IMGP4173 (800x719) IMGP4174 (624x800) IMGP4175 (800x696) IMGP4176 (800x631) IMGP4177 (800x604) IMGP4179 (800x788) IMGP4180 (800x745) IMGP4181 (800x588) IMGP4182 (800x722) IMGP4183 (800x673) IMGP4185 (800x631) IMGP4186 (681x800) IMGP4188 (625x800) IMGP4189 (800x700) IMGP4190 (717x800) IMGP4192 (582x800) IMGP4193 (462x800) IMGP4194 (737x800)

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