Sprint Into Spring 2017 Dirty D Jersey Awards

Dirty D JERSEY AWARDS 2017                                                                                                         SiS winners Tops                                                                              DirtyD Logo LR

The 2017 jerseys, from Dirty D, will be awarded to the highest point scorers in each category below.  The best 5 scores from 6 races will be used to determine the winners. In the event of a tie, the Jersey will be awarded to the person with the most wins.  If the result is still tied, it will go to the person with the fastest km rate.

Please note that young competitors on the Usain Bolt course may be shadowed or otherwise supported; competitors who complete this course on their own will be scored above shadowed or supported competitors in the Jersey competitions.

Please refer to the SIS 2017_rules and scoring

Jersey Points 2017  Week 5

Yellow (Overall) Green (Sprint) Polkadot (Hill Climb)
Mo Farah Mens Bruce Arthur Brody McCarthy Shane Mallia
Mo Farah Womens Liis Johanson Lanita Steer Clare Brownridge
Sally Pearson Mens Jensen Key Steven O’Connell Rod Phillips
Sally Pearson Womens Heather O’Donnell Kate Francis Janine Steer
Usain Bolt Mens Ashley White Evan Gavens Thomas Caristo
Usain Bolt Womens Milla Key Claire Adams Paula Davey
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