Melbourne Sprint Weekend Photos

Photos from RMIT Bundoora, University of Melbourne, Deakin Geelong, Kardinia College and VUSA. Click on thumbnails to enlarge

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IMGP0673 (862x1280) (690x1024) IMGP0674 (952x1280) (762x1024) IMGP0675 (750x1280) (600x1024) IMGP0676 (901x1280) (721x1024) IMGP0677 (748x1280) (598x1024) IMGP0678 (827x1280) (662x1024) IMGP0679 (1275x1280) (1020x1024) IMGP0681 (1075x1280) (860x1024) IMGP0682 (1280x978) (1024x782) IMGP0683 (941x1280) (753x1024) IMGP0684 (661x1280) (529x1024) IMGP0685 (919x1280) (735x1024) IMGP0686 (1068x1280) (854x1024) IMGP0687 (1280x1160) (1024x928) IMGP0689 (1280x1056) (1024x845) IMGP0690 (836x1280) (669x1024) IMGP0691 (763x1280) (610x1024) IMGP0693 (1280x1159) (1024x927) IMGP0694 (782x1280) (626x1024) IMGP0695 (832x1280) (666x1024) IMGP0696 (879x1280) (703x1024) IMGP0697 (805x1280) (644x1024) IMGP0699 (643x1280) (514x1024) IMGP0700 (733x1280) (586x1024) IMGP0701 (995x1280) (796x1024) IMGP0703 (703x1280) (562x1024) IMGP0704 (635x1280) (508x1024) IMGP0705 (792x1136) (714x1024)

New training method discovered by juniors?

New training method discovered by juniors?

IMGP0447 (1024x681) IMGP0451 (1024x954) IMGP0454 (1024x844) IMGP0455 (1024x928) IMGP0457 (1024x803) IMGP0458 (1024x581) IMGP0459 (1024x884) IMGP0460 (1024x894) IMGP0461 (1024x680) IMGP0466 (771x1024) IMGP0471 (782x1024) IMGP0472 (891x1024) IMGP0475 (1024x999) IMGP0477 (1007x1024) IMGP0479 (1024x744) IMGP0480 (1024x858) IMGP0481 (1024x681) IMGP0484 (1024x681) IMGP0485 (1024x681) IMGP0487 (1024x681) IMGP0488 (1024x681) IMGP0493 (1024x681) IMGP0495 (1024x681) IMGP0497 (1024x681) IMGP0499 (1024x681) IMGP0501 (1024x681) IMGP0506 (1024x681) IMGP0509 (1024x681) IMGP0512 (1024x681) IMGP0514 (1024x681) IMGP0516 (1024x681) IMGP0518 (1024x681) IMGP0520 (1024x681) IMGP0523 (1024x681) IMGP0525 (1024x681) IMGP0526 (1024x681) IMGP0529 (1024x681) IMGP0531 (1024x681) IMGP0532 (1024x681) IMGP0533 (1024x681) IMGP0535 (1024x681) IMGP0539 (1024x681) IMGP0540 (1024x681) IMGP0544 (1024x681) IMGP0545 (1024x681) IMGP0547 (1024x681) IMGP0548 (1024x681) IMGP0552 (1024x681) IMGP0556 (1024x681) IMGP0557 (1024x681) IMGP0561 (1024x681) IMGP0563 (1024x681) IMGP0568 (1024x681) IMGP0571 (1024x681) IMGP0572 (1024x681) IMGP0574 (1024x681) IMGP0575 (1024x681) IMGP0581 (1024x681) IMGP0584 (1024x681) IMGP0586 (1024x681) IMGP0588 (1024x681) IMGP0589 (1024x681) IMGP0591 (1024x681) IMGP0596 (1024x681) IMGP0597 (1024x681) IMGP0601 (1024x681) IMGP0603 (1024x681) IMGP0604 (1024x681) IMGP0605 (1024x681) IMGP0606 (1024x681) IMGP0608 (1024x681) IMGP0609 (1024x681) IMGP0610 IMGP0613 IMGP0614 IMGP0617 IMGP0618 IMGP0621 IMGP0623 IMGP0625 IMGP0627 IMGP0628 IMGP0629 IMGP0631 IMGP0632 IMGP0633 IMGP0634 IMGP0635 IMGP0636 IMGP0638 IMGP0639 IMGP0640 IMGP0641 IMGP0642 IMGP0643 IMGP0644 IMGP0646 IMGP0648 IMGP0650 IMGP0652 IMGP0654 IMGP0657 IMGP0658 IMGP0659 IMGP0662 IMGP0664 IMGP0665 IMGP0666 (1024x681) IMGP0667 (1024x681) IMGP0669 (1024x681) IMGP0670 (1024x681) IMGP0671 (1024x681) IMGP0672 (1024x681)

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