Sprint Into Sprint 2015 Race 1 VUSA Photos

Top shots from Pete, our photographer on wheels.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge. 

Want a high res copy? Email us at voaATiinet.net.au!

IMGP9564 (849x1024) IMGP9565 (1024x697) IMGP9568 (792x1024) IMGP9573 (1024x1002) IMGP9575 (1024x741) IMGP9577 (688x816) IMGP9582 (1024x973) IMGP9586 (1024x784) IMGP9590 (1024x1010) IMGP9600 (1024x730) IMGP9612 (1024x855) IMGP9615 (906x1024) IMGP9617 (1024x680) IMGP9621 (1024x600) IMGP9626 (1024x964) IMGP9629 (819x1024) IMGP9640 (1002x1024) IMGP9655 (1024x988) IMGP9660 (1024x700) IMGP9662 (575x1024) IMGP9664 (1024x951) IMGP9666 (862x716) IMGP9670 (688x1024) IMGP9675 (1024x928) IMGP9679 (922x1024) IMGP9685 (1024x959) IMGP9688 (1024x951) IMGP9691 (1024x725) IMGP9704 (1024x567) IMGP9705 (1024x681) IMGP9710 (1010x1024) IMGP9711 (1024x628) IMGP9712 (1024x898) IMGP9714 (1024x854) IMGP9717 (1024x823) IMGP9720 (1024x978) IMGP9728 (1024x1013) IMGP9729 (965x1024) IMGP9735 (947x1024) IMGP9737 (825x1024) IMGP9739 (1024x959) IMGP9740 (784x1024) IMGP9741 (1024x896) IMGP9743 (1024x980) IMGP9746 (1024x1015) IMGP9750 (1024x1017) IMGP9751 (1024x867) IMGP9755 (847x1024) IMGP9759 (1024x975) IMGP9761 (818x1024) IMGP9766 (1024x769) IMGP9767 (1024x715)

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