Sprint Into Spring 2015 Dirty D Jersey Points

Dirty D JERSEY AWARDS 2015                                                                                                       DirtyD Logo LR

The 2015 jerseys, from Dirty D, will be awarded to the highest point scorers in each category below.  The best 5 scores from 6 races will be used to determine the winners. In the event of a Tie, the Jersey will be awarded to the person with the most wins.  If the result is still tied, it will go to the person with the fastest km rate.

Please refer to the SIS 2015_rules and scoring.

MELB Sprint into Spring Proofs

Jersey Points 2015 Final – Final Tally

Jersey Winners


Course 1 – Ralph Street; Course 2 – Mason Arthur; Course 3 – Callum White


Course 1 – Natasha Key; Course 2 – Cassandra Dutton; Course 3 – Heather O’Donnell

MENS GREEN (Sprint Leg)

Course 1 – Shane Mallia; Course 2 – Steven O’Connell; Course 3 – Will Davey

Womens Green (Sprint Leg)

Course 1 – Sonia Lawrie; Course 2 – Debbie Dodd; Course 3 – Claire Adams

MENS POLKADOT (Hill Climb Leg)

Course 1 – Glenn James; Course 2 – Brody McCarthy; Course 3 – Felix Corcoran


Course 1 – Clare Brownridge; Course 2 – Anne Robinson; Course 3 – Alice Moon

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