Race Tips from JET (Jakob, Eskil and Thor) – updated after Race 3

Here are the top tips from our Danish experts Jakob, Eskil and Thor (aka JET). The guys are providing free coaching sessions after each race – sign up at registration.

Week 2 – Improving Sprint Technique in an Urban Area

– Read the leg backwards to unveil potential traps.
– Read and understand the control description to know exactly where the control is located.
– Be aware of which direction the next control is located – this will enable you to keep up your speed!
– Be aware of zigzag route choice vs. going around. X number of corners = X number of de- and accelerations = more energy used.
– Be aware of climb on road vs. stairs.  At short distances it does not matter if you take the climb on road or stairs.  At longer distances it does matter -avoid the stairs!

Week 1 – In The Zone

How to get in the zone before the race:
– Become aware of the challenges you will face on the course by reading the instructions and looking on old maps or google maps/streetview (homework!)
– Repeat to yourself, during your warm-up, which technique you will be using today regarding compass, map reading and speed
– Clear your head before the start and focus only on the course that you are about to run

How to stay in the zone during the race:
– Trust nobody while you are running orienteering! You are the only one who reads your map!
– If you feel insecure during a leg, stop and read the map! It is worth it!
– If you are losing focus on the map, then start using the map! Repeat to yourself how you will find the next control. If you make a mistake, then don’t hesitate -keep calm and reset your mind. Start all over. There are still controls to be found!


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