Race 2 Wrap – Ruffey Lake

Shane’s Race Wrap:

The second Sprint Into Spring event took place at the hilly Ruffey Lake Park on a new map drawn by Geoff Hudson. The weather was kind again – not too hot, not too cold and not too windy. There were a lot of people who staggered up some of the hills, especially the hill climb leg which was towards the end of the course, testing the endurance of 152 competitors.

The Mo Farah Course had 69 people run it, led by the same three as last week – Jakob Edsen (16:03), Ian Lawford (16:45) and Brodie Nankervis (16:46). In the Women’s, Natasha Key turned the tables on Lanita Steer finishing 1 minute and 41 seconds quicker, with Laurina Neumann only 10 seconds behind Lanita. Lanita and Natasha hold equal first place in the Women’s ranking, whilst Jakob holds the Men’s and Yellow Jersey. The Hill Climb was once again won by Eskil Schøning in a lightning 38 seconds, ahead of Shane Mallia and Alex Ikin. Lanita was the fastest woman uphill, followed by Asha Steer and Clare Brownridge. Eskil leads the Polka Dot Jersey by half a point. The Sprint leg to the 23rd control saw Thor continue his sprint dominance ahead of Brodie and Eskil in equal second place. Meanwhile Rebecca Jaffe continued her dominance in front of Natasha Key and Lanita Steer. Rebecca and Thor, both on 20 points, hold the Green Jersey.

The Sally Pearson Course has really grown in popularity this year, and had 58 runners embark on a mission to find 17 controls. Jun Okabe entered for the first time this series, and finished the course in a tick over 17 minutes. Next fastest was Cormac McCarthy only 13 seconds behind, while Max Dalheim was third in 17:31. Anne Arthur (23:07) was the fastest woman, followed by Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins (24:29) and Ruth Goddard (25:22). Max Dalheim leads the overall Men’s rankings, Anne Arthur leads the Women’s rankings and the Yellow Jersey. The Hill Climb proved tough going and Max Dalheim was the quickest up the hill followed by Jun and Cormac. Anne Robinson was the fastest woman ahead of Sarah Davies, Katherine Turner and Ruth Goddard. Anne and Max Dalheim both on 20 points hold the Polka Dot Jersey. The Sprint Leg saw Debbie Dodd continue her good form from last week whilst others faltered. Mason Arthur, Ryan Davies and Jun were the first 3 male runners, and Debbie led Anne Arthur, Dale Howe and Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins. Debbie holds a 3.5 point buffer over Philippa in the race for the Green Jersey.

The Usain Bolt course was tackled by 25 orienteers. The fastest of them was Torren Arthur (19:50), Magnus Fossum (21:35), Joel McLean (25:59), Bronte Lemaire (33:03), Anna Leditschke (38:04) and Claire Adams (39:12). Mariann Fossum leads the Women’s overall rankings, and Torren with two first places leads the Men and holds the Yellow Jersey. The Hill Climb was won by Torren only 2 seconds quicker than Felix Corcoran with Magnus third. The women’s was won by Claire Adams in 2 minutes and 14 seconds, a fair bit faster than Anna and Mariann. Claire holds the Polka Dot Jersey ahead of both Anna and Mariann. The Sprint Leg was once again dominated by Torren Arthur in 36 seconds followed by Felix (52s) and Magnus (57s). The fastest female was Mariann Fossum, 5 seconds quicker than Emma Cates with Claire Adams a further 5 seconds behind. Magnus Fossum holds the Green Jersey on 17 points.

Just a reminder that a person is only allowed to win 1 jersey, allocated in preference order of Yellow, Green and Polka Dot. The highest scoring eligible person from either Men or Women will be awarded the jersey for each course, 9 jerseys in total.

Our next event is on Saturday November 8th at Latrobe University Bundoora, so remember to do your research before looking at the previous map from last year; and for more insightful information stay around afterwards for tips from Jakob, Eskil and Thor.



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