EndurO no 2 at Maribyrnong

EndurO no 2 took us on an exploration of Steele Creek and the Maribyrnong Valley.  The map featured largely flat terrain to the west, with a significant drop down to the river as you headed east.  Skies over the western suburbs were decidedly brighter, and a good crowd of locals mingled with easterners escaping the forecast rain.

Course setter Peter Beggs gave us an excellent map and course, which provided an enjoying challenge for both 120 min and 75 min competitors.  The central start was ringed with controls, making the initial decision a tough one.  Expansive views from the plateau above the river were a reward for anyone not too out of breath to look.

Comments from Peter:

“Thank you to all who attended the Steele Creek event. I was worried about the weather as there was not much shelter if it rained. Previously I have tended to spread control evenly through the available area. However this time I aimed to keep half the controls close to the start and use the rest to provide the extra distance, hopefully this provided an enjoyable course for all. I also positioned a few controls near good views, the vineyard and around the lake. I rode my bike out here from Essendon for my final school year in 1963. We had to be careful to avoid dirt roads and there were open paddocks all around, Since then there has obviously been a lot of development.”

Congratulations to 120 min winner Bruce Arthur, who scored a maximum 1000 points with time to spare, in about 21 kms.  Tim Hatley won the 75 min course with a massive 780 points, 100 points clear of his nearest rival.



10:B, 11:B, 12:A, 13:B, 14:A, 15:C, 16:C, 17:A, 18:A, 19:C
20:B, 21:A, 22:B, 23:A, 24:B, 25:C, 26:A, 27:C, 28:A, 29:C
30:C, 31:B, 32:C, 33:C, 34:B, 35:C, 36:C, 37:C, 38:A, 39:A
40:C, 31:C, 42:C, 43:A, 44:B, 45:A, 46:C, 47:C, 48:B, 49:C

Thanks to the Tuckonie team for a great morning.

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