Casey-Kingston Week 9 – Endeavour Hills

As Debbie has said in her notes on the event on the main site, the map was aptly named – it was a serious Endeavour to get up and over the Hills.  And back again.

And quite a change from the last eight rounds of the occasional hill to barely a bump. The area to cover was big, as well. The larger area and hills combined to make this a challenging event. Have a look at the overall results here to see all the late points being deducted!

Despite that, everyone seemed to enjoy it. This week we were joined by two different Scout Groups, one of Cubs and one of Scouts, and they all enjoyed themselves and want to come back. They’ll love next Monday’s event with very few of those annoying contour lines to be seen.

Endeavour Hills finished the competition part of the Casey – Kingston Challenge. This coming Monday we are back in Cheltenham, at a spot easily reachable if you are from Casey, for a novelty event. The regulars who have been coming along all summer have their final scoring event then.

A novelty event is usually held as the last round of a series and does not contribute to the score that gets you a certificate and chocolate, but is scored anyway. The novelty aspect is up to the course setter. We have had a range of them over the years such as blank spots on the map, jumbled controls, the map printed on two sides of the paper with 10 controls on each side…the list is growing. They are great fun. I happen to know what Monday’s is, but will leave it as a surprise. I can tell you that it isn’t as complex as the above examples sound (and they aren’t really) because everyone is doing the same event, so the novelty has to be able to fit into the normal style of event. See you all then.


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