Casey-Kingston Week 5 – Mordialloc

Rain!! And bang on the 7pm start time, naturally! It wasn’t long before it was gone however, and it wasn’t such a bad thing after all, for once everyone kept a bit cooler. As many of you found out, there is usually a supply of plastic pockets for such conditions, but you can’t be sure. And they often run out, so it is a good idea to keep one in the car if you are coming along more than once.

This was a new map, which gets the regulars excited because there aren’t often new maps released. It usually means a new area as well. Sandy had a good challenge laid out for anyone who went to the east, which was….everyone. There were many discussions after the event on who went where and everyone seemed to have done a different variation. This is usually taken as a sign of a good course.

It is also Top Tip 4. Have a chat with some others about where you went and where they went. People are always happy to show you, and for some reason will usually be the first to point out their mistakes and tell you why they messed up, or are still wondering if going to number 13 first wouldn’t have been better, etc., etc.

It’s a great way to learn different techniques and ideas on getting around a course in a good way; it’s also a great way to meet some other people. Street-O is quite social, after all. Do bear in mind that there is no ‘right’ way to do any course; people come up with different solutions every week (e.g. the top right bit of this week’s map), and seeing them helps you do it better next time.

Right, results. Once again, please let us know if we have missed you.

Course D    (Scatter Course)
	Name		Points

1   WELLS, ANNA		100
2   CAMP, GABBY		 99

Power Walkers    (Score Course)
	Name		Points
2  JENKINSON, ANNE	                        99
4  REYNOLDS, STEVE	                        97    
6  SHILLONG, DARRYL	  95    


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